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Frequently Asked Questions.



Question 1: Can I make an appointment to visit your program.


Answer: Yes! We “want” you to come in with your child while school is in session to visit and see how our program is run.


Question 2: Is there a curriculum?


Answer: Yes there is, our curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Board of Education’s Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences.


Question 3: What are the qualifications of the teachers:


Answer: All of our teachers are certified by the Office of Early Education and Care in Boston, Ma.


Question 4: What is the turnover rate for you teachers and assistant teachers? Answer: Very low at our school, please see our Meet the Staff section.


Question 5: How large are the classes and what are the staff-child ratios?


Answer: Three Year Olds classroom - 10 children and the ratio is 2:10 and Four and Five Year Old classrooms: 0ne is 12 children and the ratio is 2:12 and the other is 10 children and the ration is 2:10.

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