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The Teaching Philosophy of Mrs. Murray's Nursery School 


With over 50 years of teaching preschoolers, our teaching philosophy has been time-tested and parent approved. We teach the basic fundamentals of learning which encompass the development of the “whole” child; their emotional and social awareness as well as the building and reinforcement of cognitive skills.


Our teachers provide a welcoming inclusive atmosphere to ensure that each child attending our preschool feels that school is a warm, friendly and comfortable place to learn. Each child is greeted in the morning with a smile. Emphasis is placed on making your child feel relaxed with their teachers through individual conversations throughout the day.


Our rooms are designed to encourage children to interact freely with others and to play cooperatively. A good portion of our day is spent fostering children social and emotional development through verbal expressions of thoughts and feelings and to promote acceptable ways of expressing their feelings.


We promote the growth of independence by helping children accomplish self-reliant tasks, such as toileting needs, putting on and zippering their coats, setting up and cleaning their snacks. Our curriculum builds a foundation for learning language arts, reading & literature, mathematics, science, history and enhance creativity through age appropriate, hands on, open ended and teacher directed activities.


Our indoor gym provides a great opportunity for our children to develop their gross motor skills on a daily basis.


In an ever changing world, learning about diversity is important. We encourage parents from different cultures to come in and share with our children where they are from. We read multi-cultural stories and celebrate many different holidays.


To promote a sense of belonging to a community we go on local field trips, participate in charitable activities and encourage parents and community members to come visit with our classes.


Our goal for your child is to leave our classrooms with the ability to make new friends, have respect for oneself and others, and to have the love of learning.


Our Preschool Teaching Staff


Of course, carrying out a successful teaching philosophy depends on the talent of the staff. And we feel that we have the best preschool teaching staff in the business. Please look over their teaching biographies using the links below. Click the back button on each staff's bio page to return to this page.


Elizabeth Tingley

Donna Riley

Cathleen Carey Gray

Kim Mirra

Dianna Smith

Joanne Wilson

Jill Emerson

Elizabeth Jones


We want each year with us to be a wonderful learning experience for both you and your child!


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